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Re: Mars One - Unethical?

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Dude, give it up. Publiusr is well into the "opponents are just making stuff up" phase.

That's because they are making crap up. The 14 billion dollar a launch lie from Zimmerman on Coast-to-Coast AM was proof enough of that: Here's more uncovered by Jason Rhian of America Space:

I’ve spoken with NASA’s Dan Dumbacher personally, NASA doesn’t want to “farm out” SLS – it wants a launch vehicle which can do two things: 1.) launch large payloads on single launches – not require multiple launches as Dumbacher states the agency views that as being more prohibitive than SLS. 2.) Prepare for a mission to Mars.

One other thing that makes a NewSpacer – convenient holes in information. It goes back to your comments that prompted me to post this video. You made a lot of statements meant to smear SLS. Thing is? I was present at the same event you cited & your numbers were wrong & this video proved it. It makes one wonder what else you’ve been stating as fact that’s based on factually inaccurate data.

You asked what defines a NewSpacer? One thing is the unwillingness to accept firms NewSpacers support have no track record, no portfolio in conducting these types of missions & aren’t ready to handle them. I think astronauts would rather fly on a rocket that came from companies who have 50 years experience & who’ve launched 150 crews into space – than those with no experience whatsoever. Despite how rational this argument is – you criticize it.

The primary problem most supporters of the NewSpace movement have with SLS – is they want those funds to go to their pet companies irregardless of whether-or-not they’ve demonstrated to handle such a project. So what happens? Because I oppose companies that are ill-equipped to handle projects of the scale of SLS get the contract – I’m targeted as an OldSpacer & attacked. My views are based on one thing – accomplishing the mission & getting the crew back home alive. Not which companies say they can do it better or cheaper.

Neil deGrasse Tyson agrees:

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At some point the reality of the schedule is bound to cause an epiphany.
And a problem with schedule is why Tito is turning towards NASA, not away:

Here is an example of a private outfit that also has problems with schedules, orbits, etc.

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