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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

I saw the latest episode yesterday. It was pretty meh. I thought the whole point of testing "Katana" was to get her to figure out his identity herself, which would determine if she was a worthy partner, but I guess not. I do like that she actually used a sword that I'm pretty sure was a katana this episode. It makes me hope that we never see the big green sword again, because having Katana actually use a katana was interesting. This episode also wasn't helped by the fact that its fight scene sucked. The CGI animation is pretty poor looking normally, but I didn't think Batman fighting ninjas could be done so badly. It just wasn't exciting at all, and it actually also made me notice that Katana's model looks kind of weird. Having good animation wouldn't have made this episode particularly good, but it would have helped.
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