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Re: Never seen TOS scenes (revisit)...

The TMP era images were a play on two ideas. The first was to see some more adventures in the TMP era but with a bit more colour added to the uniforms and sets. Secondly I used some fanfic stories some friends and I wrote as a basis for the scenes I created.

The one where there is a ship battle between the Excelsior and Starfleet and Klingon ships was an idea I called "Wargames."This idea has been done in some form on TNG and DS9. It's also somewhat similar to the early Pocket novel called Dreadnought. The idea was that a Starfleet Admiral grabs the Excelsior during its star trials and testing. The age old story where he doesn't think the Federation takes the Klingon threat sufficiantly seriously. He proceeds to destroy not only Klingon ships but Starfleet ships as well in a disputed area to foster heightened distrust. Of course he's caused an incident.

Kirk is dispatched by Admiral Thelin to find the Excelsior and bring crazed Admiral Douche (I never got around to naming him) back. If all else fails then the Excelsior has to be stopped if it can't be retrieved.

Enroute The Enterprise comes across wrecked and dead Klingon and Starfleet ships. The Enterprise rendezvous with another Starfleet starship and together they continue to hunt for the Excelsior. They get word a Klingon squadron is closing on the Excelsior and the two Starfleet ships race to intercept. There is an ensuing standoff between Kirk's task force and the Klingons. They decide to confer and each comes to understand that neither is at fault for Admiral Douche's actions, but that he still must be stopped. There follows a serious engagement with the loss of one Klingon warship and serious damage to the other Starfleet ship. Finally Kirk and the two remaining Klingon warships gain the upper hand on the Excelsior.

Normally the Klingons would try to take the Excelsior as a prize for the attacks on their ships, but obviously Kirk can't let them have the Excelsior. Or the Klingons would rather just blow it out of the sky with everyone aboard. Kirk confers with the Klingon commander who turns out to be less than usually bellicose and they reach an agreement: survivors are to be taken off the wrecked Excelsior and the ship is to be destroyed. But the Klingons also want one other thing: they want Admiral Douche to enact their own justice. Kirk doesn't like it yet reluctantly agrees.

The final scene would be of the Starfleet Admiral being brought before the Klingon Commander. The Admiral is defiant and proclaims, "I'm not afraid of you. And you won't get anything out of me."

The Klingon Commander replies simply with a wry smirk. "Admiral, I won't be the one asking the questions."

It was an idea.
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