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You do realize it's not hard to have safety features that include, "if everything goes pear-shaped, pull to the side of the road and slow to a stop," right?

Real life is not Star Trek. Your dashboard isn't going to yell "ERROR! ERROR!", throw sparks in your face, and fly off a cliff because it ran over an unexpected rock.
I was thinking more like having to avoid those other random drivers who also aren't paying attention and driving like assholes. I get nervous about how a driverless car would react to certain things, or if it would react in enough time to be worth it.
I can guarantee you it would react far more quickly and accurately than you or I could. I'd bet my life on it.

How would a driverless car steer in the wintertime if it suddenly came upon a patch of ice and was about to swerve into oncoming traffic? How far ahead would a driverless car be able to see? If a family of deer suddenly jumps into the road, would the car be aware of it fast enough to avoid collision?
Are you serious? Have you not driven a modern car with a traction control system/electronic stability system? This is a solved problem and doesn't even require a self-driving car.
I guess not, and considering all the dead deer I find in the middle of the street and all the abandoned cars I find on the side of the road in the wintertime, this is still very much a problem for a large number of people.
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