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Re: Technological Stagnation

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Driverless cars scare the shit out of me. Technology fails sometimes, and when that happens, humans need to be able to step in and take control. Drivers already don't pay enough attention to the road! I can only imagine how much less they'll be paying attention when they're even not responsible for driving.
You do realize it's not hard to have safety features that include, "if everything goes pear-shaped, pull to the side of the road and slow to a stop," right?

Real life is not Star Trek. Your dashboard isn't going to yell "ERROR! ERROR!", throw sparks in your face, and fly off a cliff because it ran over an unexpected rock.
I was thinking more like having to avoid those other random drivers who also aren't paying attention and driving like assholes. I get nervous about how a driverless car would react to certain things, or if it would react in enough time to be worth it.

How would a driverless car steer in the wintertime if it suddenly came upon a patch of ice and was about to swerve into oncoming traffic? How far ahead would a driverless car be able to see? If a family of deer suddenly jumps into the road, would the car be aware of it fast enough to avoid collision?
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