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Dorian Thompson
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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

No way can Hank walk away from this. There's just no way. That conversation between he and Marie was just a little too tragic--asking for lightning to strike. It's all over. I got him. We're going to live happily ever after.

No. No, I think not. RIP, Hank. Man, Marie's going to lose it. I suspect Walter Jr. will know the truth now because Marie won't have the presence of mind to keep quiet with Hank gone. Perhaps Gomez will be the one to survive the shoot out and tell the tale and oh man......Jesse's not going to end well. Another thing to blame himself for. Walt, you stupid, stupid man. I loved how Walt was staring past Hank the entire time he was being arrested and how Jesse then spit oh him. Yowza.

Maybe this is how Jesse will stay alive. Walt will refuse to cook for the nazi brothers because he's in a rage about Hank and the fact that he now can never go back to Skyler and his kids, so Todd says Jesse can cook for them.

I really don't see how Hank can survive and the integrity of the story remain intact. Hank has to go. Dean Norris is right.

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