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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

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Picard referring to the ship as "Constitution Class" in The Naked Now (first run computer FX production error notwithstanding), and referring to the Enterprise bridge in Relics as "Constitution Class", and Sisko referring to the actual NCC-1701 as "Constitution Class" aren't just "evidence" of canon. They're the very definition.

I forgot what this has to do with whether the -A was the Yorktown.
Because I adressed ALL these issues in post 222 I have to assume that you didn't read it.

But using the occasion here is an addendum to the particular issue of "Relics":

COMPUTER: Please enter programme.
SCOTT: The android at the bar said you could show me my old ship. Let me see it.
COMPUTER: Insufficient data. Please specify parameters.

(this makes it clear for Scotty and the audience that the ship’s computer cannot read Scotty’s mind and what ship he is thinking of. He has to provide specifications)

SCOTT: The Enterprise. Show me the Bridge of the Enterprise, you chattering piece of…
COMPUTER: There have been five Federation ships with that name. Please specify by registry number.
SCOTT: NCC-1-7-0-1. No bloody A, B, C, or D.
COMPUTER: Programme complete. Enter when ready.

What’s missing here? THIS:

COMPUTER: There have been several modifications of the Bridge of Enterprise NCC-1701. Please specify era by captaincy.
SCOTT: Up your shaft! Captain James T. Kirk. No Captain April, Pike, Decker, … or Spock.

Because the ship’s computer did not require the necessary specifications to show Scotty the TOS bridge (Scotty could have also wanted to see the bridges from “The Cage”, TMP or ST II for all the computer could know) the logical conclusion has to be, that these bridges were not stored in the holodeck memory banks.

The ship’s computer just provided Scotty with what was available and the closest approximation was a Constitution Class bridge because what we saw in the episode was obviously not a correct replica of the Enterprise’s TOS bridge.

I don’t know how drunk Scotty was, but I give him the benefit of a doubt that the moment he realized that the ship’s computer was not capable to read his mind, but required specifications, he understood these were necessary to give him what he wanted.

After stating the registry “NCC-1701” and getting a result (without providing specifications of captaincy to help determine which bridge) he probably just went along whatever the computer had come up with and was happy with what he got.

Obviously not the Enterprise TOS bridge, but at least one (Constitution Class) that resembled it far more closely than the one of Pike’s, Decker’s or Spock’s Enterprise!

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