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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

davejames wrote: View Post
Absolutely gripping episode. The only thing I didn't quite buy was Huell falling so easily for Hank's ploy in the beginning. Even if he thought Walt killed Jesse, it's hard to believe Walt would also go through the trouble of putting a hit on Saul and Huell, and that he'd really be concerned about them talking to the DEA.
I think Huell was keenly aware of what a bad situation Walt was in thanks to Hank and then Jesse. Saul's not the most scrupulous guy, and Saul has shown on more than one occasion that he is afraid of Walt. If it came down to Walt leaning on Saul to help him eliminate any "threats," meaning anyone who's assisted Walt in his criminal enterprises, Huell would know he's got to be on that list. He simply knows too much.

But Walt being fooled by the barrel photo I can totally see. We've seen him get emotionally worked up plenty of times, to the point that he stops thinking clearly and starts acting in the most idiotic and childish way imaginable.

As for next week, I really hope the writers don't try to wimp out and somehow spare Hank. The fact he didn't get taken down by the first shot is hard enough to believe, but if he somehow survives the entire thing, that would just be stretching things too much.
Hank and Gomez have to die, otherwise Walt is either dead (not possible given the flash-forwards) or spending the rest of his life in prison (ditto.)

Saul wrote: View Post
While Walt is screaming down the phone to Jessie he admits to doing a lot of bad shit. I hope this won't turn out to be contrived move with this somehow coming back later to bite him in the ass and lead to his downfall.
I'm assuming only Hank, Gomez, and Jesse(?) would have access to the recording, and the DEA won't even know about it.

137th Gebirg wrote: View Post
^^^ That occurred to me as well, that perhaps the conversation was being recorded and Walt just gave his "real" confession on the way out there. It would be another miscalculation on his part. He's starting to get flustered and make some bad mistakes.
I've been enjoying the way this whole situation is spinning out of his control. He thought he could do all this stuff and then walk away. Turns out you can't keep running from the things you've done.
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