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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

Absolutely gripping episode. The only thing I didn't quite buy was Huell falling so easily for Hank's ploy in the beginning. Even if he thought Walt killed Jesse, it's hard to believe Walt would also go through the trouble of putting a hit on Saul and Huell, and that he'd really be concerned about them talking to the DEA.

But Walt being fooled by the barrel photo I can totally see. We've seen him get emotionally worked up plenty of times, to the point that he stops thinking clearly and starts acting in the most idiotic and childish way imaginable.

As for next week, I really hope the writers don't try to wimp out and somehow spare Hank. The fact he didn't get taken down by the first shot is hard enough to believe, but if he somehow survives the entire thing, that would just be stretching things too much.
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