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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

Well, just like the bridge module, I think I'm going to just have to ignore it. In the case of the "lounge" (which I consider it, too, although moreso for flight crews and the like), those don't necessarily have to be windows. In the case of the bridge module, I think Jackill had the right approach: make it round, and scale it up juuuust a hair.

Part of my personal philosophy is that the "real" starship in the Trekverse is more than the sum of its parts; more than the models, sets, and props used to represent it. It is only natural that the often rushed nature of production will throw the odd monkey wrench into the mix. Further, different fathers of different designs are likely to have different opinions, and not always agree.

So if we are to act like anthropologists and treat the Trekverse like a real place we're trying to understand, there will come times when we as Treknologists simply have to squint and pretend that something makes sense, simply because the preponderance of evidence points to it, even if some of it doesn't.

YMMV of course.

BTW, sorry I made the image above so dinky. I'll provide a somewhat better one later. I'm also still working on the 467 meter version. I may wind up completing both for fun. Depends whether my enthusiasm holds out. I actually completely redrew the outline of the ship after using a couple of good side images of the ship to realize a few of my proportions were out of whack. Most of the guts are still there, but hidden, and will have to be rescaled for this version. I've decided to make an LCARS-style version first, but will probably also make a simple black and white later. (Easier to go from color to black and white than the other way, at least for me.)

Does anyone have any opinions about the warp core placement? I took a page from Jackill here too and aligned it to the deflection crystals, centering it about to the center of the TSFS big one. Also, the computer core is patterned after the one shown in Mr. Sternbach's Constellation cutaway.
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