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Re: Imagine the TOS Starfleet

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Actually, we do not know from TOS (!) whether some of the starships you listed there actually belonged to the Constitution Class (as this is merely a conjectural assumption and better suits those that begin with an NCC-16XX prefix, IMO and for a number of reasons).
Er, if you look at what I wrote again, you'll see that I only listed the eight ships as Constitution class that were visually seen as such in the show. And only two of those have known registry numbers. I was not trying to match the ships to registry numbers like Jein did because I don't believe the intent of that chart was to have those ships all be Connies.

Where you have my undivided attention are the NCC-registries of "NCC-1864" and NCC-1897" from the starship status chart in "Court-Martial".
While HD resolution clearly reveals NCC-1631 to be erroneous (as it most definitely shows NCC-1831) I'm still very uncertain regarding 1X64 and 1X97.
Depending on which moment I freeze frame the Blu-ray image it reads either "16" or "18".
I thought we'd have to wait for 4K UltraHD resolution before we could finally determine what it actually reads.
With the HD screencap that I used, they looked very much like 1864 and 1897.

Why is that important? If it is 1664 for the Excalibur, 1764 for the Defiant and 1864 for the Reliant we could speculate that the last two digits are only a contact code a new ship will "inherit" from a deceased ship.
First, my post was solely about the information from TOS, not anything later on, as per Preator's OP. Therefore, both the Excalibur and the Defiant do not have any known registries, and if that other registry is indeed 1864, it was not yet assigned to the Reliant as of TOS.

Mario de Monti wrote: View Post
Just thought Id add the Yorktown
Dang, I knew I'd forget one. Thanks!

Praetor wrote: View Post
Also, I presumed (perhaps erroneously) that the Antares was a Starfleet ship, given Ramart's uniform being a Pike era Starfleet one, but the other three were not.
Yes, I was unsure about the Antares because I couldn't remember if it was referred to in dialog as the "S.S." Antares, or if it was just the "Antares." I know for a fact it was never referred to as the "U.S.S." Antares, or as a starship. But yes, there is a possibility that it is Starfleet based on the crew uniforms.
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