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Re: Technological Stagnation

Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
Humans really need to get over themselves. Computers can do most things better than we can, and it's absolutely ridiculous that we should endure higher death and injury rates just so we can feel good about being "in control."
I've spoken with several friends and even if the technology existed today they wouldn't give up the, "joy," of driving which for them is a control issue.

In my experience - these are the same people who speed up to red lights and are also generally speaking the same individuals who act the most reckless on the road.

But he's right - there are many folks unless driverless cars were law to engage - won't give up the wheel.

MacLeod wrote: View Post
As for a car accident, there is no such a no-fault accident, you might not be at fault yourself. i.e. stopped at a red light waiting for it to change and be rear ended, but the other driver(s) is at fault.
In the US at least there is such a thing as a 'no fault accident.' In fact several states even are, "no fault," accident states where no matter who is at fault [for insurance purposes only] they assume no one is. This reduces insurance premiums in such states dramatically.

That said - when a death occurs I believe driverless cars become more legally tricky when it comes to accountability.
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