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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

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I kind of miss the old days of debating whether or not the refit was called a Connie or its own new "Enterprise Class" (based on the TWOK bridge simulator signage). I'm an "Enterprise-class" guy m'self.
Apparently and according to ST II NCC-1701 was a member of the "Enterprise Starship Class" (the refit according to the Official TMP Blueprints was a "Starship II Class" Enterprise) and NCC-1701-A was a member of the "Constitution Starship [II] Class" according to ST VI.

I think it's rather simply and there's really nothing wrong with the TOS dedication plaque, as it contains the vital information: "(U.S.S.) Enterprise Starship Class".
I don't know what the dedication plaque of the sister ships would read, but for the class leader all the information is contained.

All we have on the "Consitution Class" in TOS is a screen schematic belonging to one manual of several starships.

As for the post-TOS canon "evidence" I tried to illustrate how conjectural it basically is. We might just go for the producers' intentions, instead, and then we'd have their word from The Making of Star Trek versus statements to the opposite from the post-TOS producers I am not aware of, yet.

We could then discuss whether the authority of the TOS producers regarding one of their creations can possibly be revised, altered or overwritten by the post-TOS producers.

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