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Re: What Happens After Death

thestrangequark wrote: View Post

And isn't that a wonderful, beautiful thing? A few pounds of mushy, grey and white and pink that is the most complex organ we know of, with more neurons than there are stars in the galaxy; that is able, through chemistry and electricity, to observe, learn, communicate, create, and love. Brains are cool.
J. Allen wrote: View Post
Also: sexy.
thestrangequark wrote: View Post
^Only the clever ones.
Well that certainly got the two of you covered then, seeing as how smart the two of you are

I'm sort of with J. on this one, I'm open to the idea. But there really is no evidence for any kinda of afterlife or similar. I find the concept of reincarnation fascinating, but ultimately we only truly know that this is the life we got. This is our shot. All done when this is done.
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