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Re: Why the lack of Classic characters?

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But then if the Hurt Doctor is supposed to have done a "very bad thing" people would have been up in arms that Moffat was tainting a classic character if he'd used McGann instead.

And for all we know Moffat wanted all living docs to be in it and the BBC said "Don't be ridiculous!"

Brendan did Moffat really say that? I recall him definitely saying something along the lines of "There's a reason Davison is the only classic Doctor to have much of a career after Who" and frankly I think he had a point (I also believe he said that a long time ago--as in last century-- also)
It was in the In-Vision Season 19 special, in 1995/96: just found a copy, though irritatingly it's a dud one - the first page of the piece is blank, and the quote in question straddles the pages....
"[It's not a coincidence], or some kind of evil plot, that he {Davison]'s played more above the title, lead roles on the telly than the rest of the Doctors put together. It's because- get this! - he's the best actor!"
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