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Re: Patricia Tallman

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Has anyone here read/listened to her Pleasure Thresholds memoir? I can't get it, but I've read about some of the stuff she talks about on it, and it sounds quite interesting, particularly things like:
I have it and I liked it a lot. It's not only a really interesting glimpse into the life of a hard-working stunt-woman and actress, it's written with a whole lot of heart.

I only remember the answer to one of your questions offhand.

The people she believes were truly responsible for her getting fired from the show after the pilot.
It was one person as I recall. She referred to him as a creepy executive and didn't name a name but it was a married somebody she declined sleep with. After that, he used the excuse that she had more stunt credits than acting credits to lowball the salary offered so that she'd have to decline.

Happily, by the time that Andrea Thompson wanted to leave the show, JMS had more control over things and was able to get the telepath he'd wanted from the start.

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