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Re: Why the lack of Classic characters?

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Because "50th anniversary special" is a brand management opportunity, not a content description. Whether Moffat (who once referred to the classic Doctors bar Davison as having "disappeared into a retirement home for lardies" because they couldn't act) wants them in is a moot point: there's a limit to how much classic series material is going to find its way into the new series, even on an occasion like this, because there's a probably-accurate perception that not enough people care about it. If you can devote x amount of screen time to Matt Smith, David Tennant, and John Hurt or to Peter Davison, Katy Manning, and Sophie Aldred, you're going to pick the former.
It still sucks though, IMO. And did they really need John Hurt? He's a good actor, but for this, it would've been so much better if they'd had Paul McGann reprise the role of the Eighth Doctor.
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