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Re: Technological Stagnation

Into Darkness wrote: View Post
Let's be blunt here, technologically speaking we've stagnated.
Okay, well that's just wrong.

We were supposed to have flying cars and hover boards in 2015 and looking at the movie they'd had them for a while before that. So where are they? we don't have anything remotely like anti-gravity.
You mean science fiction promised us stuff that we didn't get on time? Clearly, humanity is doomed!

Where are our moon colonies? Mars colonies?
What's the compelling need to have those right now? Do you know of one? Nope. That's why they don't exist.

Are we ever going to get anti-gravity? is it possible such technology does not and never will exist? What does that mean to our development as a species?
If all we will ever have to get off this planet is rockets then we're basically stuck here and that doesn't bode well with an ever increasing population and a planet with limited resources.
Anti-gravity may or may not be possible. We seem to be a long way from it, regardless. A lack of anti-gravity doesn't mean we are doomed to technological stagnation, though.

We should be mining Mars by now but we're not.
Why should we be doing something that's hilariously unprofitable? Just because we can?

Why are we so far behind? we have all these fast paced industrialised economies, trillions of pounds world combined economy. Why is it so hard for every nation on Earth to throw some money into a planetary project to get off this rock?
Because there's no compelling need to at this moment in time.

Where are the floating sea cities?
Once again: why?

All I ever see are people putting forward conceptual ideas and that's both where it begins and where it ends.
Yes, it turns out most pie-in-the-sky concepts are not actually practical or feasible or necessary.

We're going nowhere at all. We'll still be in the same place a hundred years from now, probably even two hundred years from now.
We might aswell get used to the idea that as a species we're stagnant and a failure.
This is ridiculous. The last 200 years have witnessed an unprecedented explosion in human technology, from the invention of steam power through manned spaceflight and the microcomputer and telecommunications revolutions. Current technological advances may not be very sexy--a lot of the work is in materials technology, refinement of existing technologies, and development of ever more efficient computer algorithms--but it's all important and it all sets the stage for future development.

If you think our technological progress has stopped then you are simply wrong and not looking at the right areas for it. If all you care about is space travel, I don't know what to tell you. It's not currently cost effective to mine asteroids or set up colonies and we're not likely to do much of that unless and until it is.
Five stars!
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