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Re: Technological Stagnation

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Let's be blunt here, technologically speaking we've stagnated.
We were supposed to have flying cars and hover boards in 2015 and looking at the movie they'd had them for a while before that. So where are they? we don't have anything remotely like anti-gravity.
That's because real life isn't fiction. Some things will just never work because physics don't allow it. Lightsabers, hoverboards, beaming, hyperspeed. Some might turn out to be possible, but just because a film told you it's gonna happen in 2015 doesn't mean it should in real life.

Why are we so far behind? we have all these fast paced industrialised economies, trillions of pounds world combined economy. Why is it so hard for every nation on Earth to throw some money into a planetary project to get off this rock?
This "rock" is the ONLY KNOWN PLACE CAPABLE OF SUSTAINING LIFE. If find it amazing when people belittle our planet just because they've watched too much science fiction/fantasy. Wake up, people.

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We might aswell get used to the idea that as a species we're stagnant and a failure.
If you wrote this on a smartphone, that would be hilarious.
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.
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