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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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I was agreeing with you. I was pointing out it wasn't even a total clear-cut victory without the kamikaze attack.
huh no, that's the opposite of agreeing with me! I was pointing out how viciously powerful the little attack ships seemed at first. Something that was lost later on.

Anyways, re: the borg, the federation fought back in FC with a mix of a lot of ships and again having inside information from Picard. That's still far from an easy victory. And if they had attacked in two places at once then picard can only show up in one to say "ok shoot here and here".

re other threats, we have to consider not all the more Powerful Entities out there, but ones that were cast in a villainous role and inclined to march on earth in the first place. Godlike Beings like Q are really a wholly different kind of storytelling element.

I actually kinda like your idea tho of having the main strength of their forces broken in the first few attacks. (BoBW and let's throw in FC too). Then leave in the Delta Quadrant a remnant of desperate tech scavengers trying to rebuild.
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