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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

Will Jack figure out why Walt was out in the desert?

Will Jack send men to search the area for the money, or merely torture Walt?

Will Jack kidnap Skylar and Jr. to also get the big bucks from Lydia?

I don't find much tension in the cliffhanger. It had a socko ending, but what was showed clearly indicates that Hank and Gomez are doomed but Jesse is somehow supposed to escape. The only halfway plausible escape route I can imagine involves a fortuitously timely tribal police patrol. (Incidentally even if Hank had called the tribal police and DEA first, there wasn't even time before Jack et al. showed up for that to make a difference.) It would be pretty weak to write that. And a flashback showing a different explanation for their survival would be even weaker, harking right back to the old Saturday afternoon serials.

Having the big faceoff being between Walt and Aryan Nations (excuse me, WMM, are they really nervous about the legalities with Aryan Nations?!) would be a sleazy way to redeem Walt by sending him up against possibly the only people on the planet who could be viewed as worse.
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