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Re: Space Station Jefferies

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Also, the deck layout in the sketch looks to be for the spokes of the wheel, and not the rim.
Actually it looks like a pencil line too hastily drawn.
Pure conjecture unless you have some supporting evidence.
"The "horseshoe" cross-section is a perfect match to the exterior pod [edit: ring] in the top left and elsewhere."

You can see in the top left that the ring section features the exact same vertical slicing as the cross-section on the right side does, yes?
The shape is also a match, isn't it?

Of course, the scale in the cross-section would no longer match the scale of the Enterprise, therefore the cross-section became a cross-section of the spokes and the Enterprise was enlarged in size.
This is just a theory but it would explain the observable facts, IMHO.

Are these exterior pods containers or storage room for Federation vessels' containers (e.g. white rectangular bottom "hatch" of the Enterprise)?
And are the ring segments a permanent structure or do these also consist of container pods (except for those segments that permanently attach to the spokes)?

According to Jefferies' design concept for the Botany Bay he did envision container of fuel modules there, so it wouldn't surprise me if he had similar ideas for "his" space station (which is coming along great, by the way).

And, of course, why didn't we see this space station in "The Ultimate Computer" TOS-R?!?

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