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Re: Strictly Come Dancing 2013

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Why do they bother with the fakeness of "let's see who youre paired with", followed by long pauses a la masterchef, when they then admit "you've all been dancing with your partners for the last couple of days..."

What the fuck have they put Vanessa Feltz in? Urg...
They'd put Fiona Fullerton in a terrible outfit as well. In fact, in general, they overly make up the ladies so they look like they've all had bad plastic surgery- the girl from countdown was a lot nicer in the behind-the-scenes chat, for example
Did they admit that on the actual show ‘cos I don’t remember it being mentioned? Or did you mean that because it was recorded from a few days ago they’ve been dancing with their celeb’s for a few days before the rest of us found out?

The spray tans and makeup come with the territory, as for the outfits they’ve always been a bit wayward and have dressed some people better than others and oft times the dressers have got better at dressing particular people the longer they’re in the show. The outfitd were a bit poor in this one. Tess usually looks good in most things but I didn’t like her dress in this one at all.

Anyway a few comments.

Vanessa Feltz and James Jordan…They’ll kill each other, or possible they’ll team up and kill Craig, I’m not sure which way they’ll go yet. I don’t think they’ll be around very long.

Nice to see Aliona back but she won’t be around for long.

Ola will be around way longer than her husband this year!

The girl out of Corrie looks good already

I predict Anton will probably get further than he has in a long time…

Rachel Reily looks like a rabbit in headlights, I hope the nerves don’t get to her

A lot of the new dancers (male and female) seem a bit bland and samey at the moment. I think the show’s gonna miss Vincent and Flavia and Erin (and Natalie, in particular they no longer seem to have a tall girl which is a bugger for some of the male celebs.

Tony, Deborah or Vanessa to be the first celeb out. I think Mark Warren might be a surprise package though.

And who I’d put my money on at the moment? Sophie Ellis Bextor and Brendan (always assuming they don’t end up hating each other within 5 minutes…)
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