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Re: Robert Picardo Apperication Thread

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Robert Picardo is awesome!

Whoa, this almost makes me wanna put my photoshop cap on and do some work myself.

Nicely done!

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oh yes, he was one of the nicest people. We saw him at a non trek event, a play he was in. We hung around afterwards in hope that he might come out and we could say a few words t him. We found out that he wasn't going to come out and we were about to leave when we overheard a group of women talking about waiting for their good friend bob picardo. well we snuck over and causally started talking to them, when he came out he offered us an autograph, even dug through his own bag for a sharpie
I don't think I have ever heard a bad fan experience with Robert Picardo. He seems really sweet and nice on his Facebook, Twitter, etc...and all of the fans I know that have met him all seem to think so as well.
You know, I was watching the recent Renegades spotlight with many of the stars from Voyager. Picardo and Russ were both there and Picardo was absolutely fun during that Q&A.

I do have to say, one of the things I've always found fun about Picardo is he actually has a pretty strong grasp of a wide range of topics (almost like a true Renaissance man, making the second to last episode very aptly named) and it always struct me as really awesome when he challenged the writers, producers and directors to get techy terms where he was involved correct.

Comparing to other actors who played doctors and engineers, the only other actors in Trek who seemed to care about this stuff were Brent Spinner and Colm Meanly and Colm himself tended to try to play specific techy terms. Brent was the only other one who strived to make sure they were accurate (at least in terms of actors).

We all know this ended up being Diana Muldaur's biggest problem =(.
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