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Re: Mars One - Unethical?

Well, I just kind of enjoy finding new ways to try and bring a sense of reality about how bloated the budget is, along with how ridiculously long the schedule is.

In all previous NASA development efforts, when they announced a new program they selected the initial crew with in a year or two, usually test pilots in their mid 30's. NASA can't introduce us to the flight crew for the first launch of the Block II SLS yet, since the crew isn't yet old enough to have their driver's licenses.

You look around the neighborhood at the kids just starting high school and think, "One of these kids will have kids this age when he's given command of the first test all up Orion mission, a vehicle we're supposedly building right now.

At some point the reality of the schedule is bound to cause an epiphany, and at some point she'll realize that there's some kid running around the kitchen with a cereal box on his head going "When I grow up I'm going to be an astronaut!" And the kids father says, "I'm sorry Johnny. We're building you a spaceship at NASA, but by the time it's done you'll be too old to fly it. You'll be older than grandpa."
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