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Re: Imagine the TOS Starfleet

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  • We know that the authority the Enterprise answers to is a "combined service"
  • As pointed out this means a combination of the various military forces. Tomorrow Is Yesterday is an odd episode as it was originally going to be the second part of the story started in The Naked Time. As such it has artifacts from the first half of Season One.

  • We know that there are "12 like the Enterprise" in the fleet
  • I can't imagine Starfleet is limited to 12 ships. That would mean the majority of fleet was at Starbase 11 getting repairs in Court Martial.

  • We know that Star Central and UESPA are somehow related
  • USEPA is probably Earth's Space Exploration arm and works with Starfleet in joint operations that use Starfleet personnel. I don't recall a Star Central in TOS. There is a Vulcan Space Central.

  • We know that the Enterprise frequently gets referred to as an Earth ship
  • IIRC, that mostly happens in the first half of Season One. Afterwards it's Federation or UFP. Later terminology trumps earlier ones

  • We know there is at least one ship crewed solely by Vulcans (the Intrepid) - do we actually know she's the same type as the Enterprise?
  • All we know is it was in for repairs at Starbase 11 and was destroyed a few years later TOS-R makes it a Connie.

  • We have seen several other members of the class that the Enterprise belongs to, and seen reference to registry numbers (but no names) of other ships
  • IIRC we've seen five in TOS. One in The Doomsday Machine one in The Tholian Web and three in The Ultimate Computer.

  • We know that there is a firm distinction between spaceships and Starships
  • Starship may be a term reserved for military vessels. The Klingons were said to have starships in Errand of Mercy.

  • We hear several references to "Earth ships" and "Earth bases" but rarely to "Starfleet" or "Federation" ships
  • As I mentioned, "Earth ship/base" pretty much disappears in the first season. Starfleet and Federation are probably mention more.

  • It appears different ships have different insignia on their uniforms but share the same rank structure
Not all, as we see non-Enterprise personnel sporting the delta.

To start, to me most of this suggests that Starfleet is less like the U.S. Navy and more like NATO command... ships from various navies with similar command structures working together on missions for their mother alliance. There's probably some sharing of technology.
We've never seen any other navies, so I don't see how this could be the case.
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