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Re: Theory About Why Most Don't Care for Enterprise as Much...

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I'm not a big Enterprise fan, but I'm also not a hater. Actually re-watching it right now via my DVDs. It's my only good condition DVD set since it's not well worn, but I still own them! So brownie points for that.

The other day though, I did develop a theory as to one perhaps subtle or subconscious reason so many fans turned away from the show?

What if it's all the subtle alterations to Trek lore?

What do I mean? Well, think about it. Shuttle pod instead of shuttle craft. No red alert / tactical alert instead. No photon torpedoes / eventually photonic torpedoes. Enterprise instead of the Enterprise. Phase pistols instead of phasers.

All those subtle little things designed to show the evolution of them, the predecessor to what we knew, intended to show the earlier stage of things... could those minor trivial details have been a key to putting some people off?

To some it could have been a sort of OCD thing. To others, an annoying nit-picky issue. others still totally unaware it was effecting them negatively. Some may even have felt as if B&B where trying to re-create Trek in their own image or something.

I dunno. It's a bit of a trivial/silly theory, and it's certainly well moot at this juncture, but I thought it an interesting proposition.

Going back to the original thoughts are similar to others...

It isn't so much the "subtle alterations" as much as how they really were NOT alterations, and did NOT represent something "new " or "original".

A biggie you missed was them dropping "Star Trek" from the title. Non-Trek sci-fi fans wouldn't have fallen for the title change, and those who were Trek fans probably rolled their eyes on HOW MUCH it was like Star Trek -- and as others have said, it could interchange easily with other series.

Some copycat stuff was just dumb -- like "hull plating"...they were basically the shields of the future"..and the Enterprise looked the same as always.

Phase pistols -- I was hoping they would be "phase rifles" with backpack generators like the laser soldier from the 1st Generation of 1980's GI Joe. Only the talk of 2 settings made that weapon feel like appropriately primitive.

The "photonic torpedoes" could have at least been missiles, less effective than photon torpedoes.

Transporters weren't needed -- and again, since they worked in the show pretty much like TNG transporters (only malfunctioning when that week's episode revolved around the "danger").."How original."

I can see how some people hated the Vulcans...I thought they were.. "logical".

The 1/2 developed crew was a big problem....Example: Mayweather's backstory seemed interesting, but he should have been treated as a "veteran:" that would tell/show the Captain how inexperienced he was. Never happened.

While some standouts (like Phlox), not enough for us the like the cast as a whole.

it would have been nice to build the crew alien by alien. Phlox & T'Pol to begin with...but adding Shran would have been nice, and later a Tellarite.

And of course, a Romulan War, or a build up to it, would have been nice. (And no remote control ships or especially ones with a cloaking device!!)

There were other interesting things...the Xindi were a fascinating species, actually original from the monolithic space empire-races out there. But in terms of Star Trek history -- would have fit in much later (an illogical substitute for the Romulans...that inconsistency nailed the coffin on Enterprise, and doomed a potentially epic Manny Coto run.

One other random thought: HUMOR/fun -- or lack thereof. Outside of Phlox...we seemed to get little sense of fun or humor. Big contrast to TOS and DS9.

More originality, yet subtle respect to the past, would have made Enterprise a success...Manny Coto's Season 4 is the model that should've been followed. that season was NOT too little, but certainly too late.

SOme great potential, never realized fully, and too late for that initial audience needed for long term success.
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