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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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Contriving it so that Walt was trying to save Hank? Are they trying to tell us Walt's true inner Mr. Chips is coming out, now that he's no longer afraid? I'm having trouble believing in Mr. Brave.
Actually, I took it more as Walt is systematically losing any reason he has left to be good at all. If Hank dies, & he loses his family, what reason would he have to be anything but bad from then on?

Then again, what do I know, I've been flying off on half baked notions for the past 3 pages of this thread

One thing is for sure. This show has gone where no other ever has. I don't think I've ever seen a show end during a shootout

All I know is Jesse is just plain tragedy now. I mean, from his perspective, he walked those two guys right into a Heisenberg trap, & once again has fallen prey to the horror that is Walt
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