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Your TAS memories

What are your first memories of The Animated Series?


In my case, I was only 5 to 6 years old when this series aired, and I distinctly sensed that it was a bit over my head in a way no other cartoon was. But my older brother almost never missed it, so neither did I. Anyway, I respected the show at the time for being as intelligent as the live-action series (which, back then, I didn't realize was no longer in production).

The first Star Trek book I bought, at age 9 or 10, was Foster's Log Four, because I chanced to see it at a school book fair and recognized the title "More Tribbles, More Troubles." By then Star Trek reruns were no longer shown in my location, but I soon became a fan through reading books and it was TAS that started the whole thing off in a way.


Where was everyone else when TAS aired? What was it like seeing this show if you were already a ST fan? Or perhaps for younger fans who first saw TAS in repeats when it ran on Nickelodeon?

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