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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

If possession of huge amounts of cash with neither W2s nor canceled checks to the IRS is enough to cook your goose, Jesse wouldn't have been there. Getting it wrong in Jesse's case was bad enough, but trying to have it both ways is pushing the envelope in the wrong way.

I could have sworn that Walt was going to realize that the dropped call meant that Jesse wasn't where he claimed to be.

Walt having the gall to call someone else a coward is pure Walt. Also, calling out Jess is not going to end well.

Contriving it so that Walt was trying to save Hank? Are they trying to tell us Walt's true inner Mr. Chips is coming out, now that he's no longer afraid? I'm having trouble believing in Mr. Brave.

I've finally put my finger on why Jesse's confession seemed so flat, so one note. It's the comparison with his "confession" in group, albeit disguised as a story about a dog.
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