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Re: Imagine the TOS Starfleet

Praetor wrote: View Post
We know that there are "12 like the Enterprise" in the fleet
Part of the problem with this is that we don't really know how big the Federation is in the mid 23rd century, nor the size of Starfleet. The more Federation you have, the more Starfleet you get.

To start, to me most of this suggests that Starfleet is less like the U.S. Navy and more like NATO command... ships from various navies with similar command structures working together on missions for their mother alliance.
This is what I take from the series, it does explain a lot of things through the multiple series, but doesn't agree with everything.

Darkwing wrote: View Post
Sometime in the 2260's, the work was complete, and the politics finally came together to turn the UFP from a non-governmental organization akin to the UN into a binding government ala the US federal government.
I keep coming back to a couple of pieces of dialog. In Spectre Of The Gun, Kirk referred to the United Federations of Planets in the TOS era as "... a vast alliance of fellow creatures ..."

In Azati Prime, Daniels refers to the multiple species in the Federation as being "... unified in a powerful alliance." Daniels was talking about the Federation of the 26th century.

To me that just doesn't sound like a federal government.

CrazyMatt wrote: View Post
They might be canon, but I really don't put any stock in "Star Central and UESPA." There's the Federation--the civilian government, and Startfleet, the Federation's exploration/military arm.
Never had a problem with UESPA being the ship's operating authority. While Starfleet is the command structure, the ship is operate by/works for one of the United Earth's agencies, in this case the "space probe agency."

UESPA is no worse an acronym than USDOD (United States Department of Defense).

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
"United Earth Space Probe Agency"? Either Kirk didn't want to tell Captain Christopher more than he could digest or the Enterprise was still operating under the authority of the UESPA.
If Kirk wanted to avoid confusing Christopher he could have told him the Enterprise was part of the US Navy. Which it sounds like what Christopher was assuming anyway, and Kirk could have simply followed his cue. Or Kirk just told him the truth.

BillJ wrote: View Post
I always got the feeling when watching TOS that the Federation itself was much younger than the spin-offs said.
Whom The Gods Would Destroy seem to indicate that "something" happen to change the Federation about fifteen years back. So while it was formed a century before, a event happen. Perhaps something cultural?

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