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Re: If you were to create a 28th amendment.

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"All men are created equals" mean every PERSON in this country. Man, woman, black, white, Hispanic. Gay, straight, transgendered. Literally, we're all the same. Let's stop having civil rights movements every generation or so and just straighten this all out now. EVERYONE is equal and we're not making laws or changing laws to restrict the happiness of people because you find what they do icky.
Wouldn't that be redundant to the 14th Amendment's equal protection clause?
Considering we're in a battle right now to help gay people get equal-rights when it comes to marriages (we have municipalities actually making movements to change their own laws to exclude gays) and I don't believe being gay or transgendered is as protected as say, being black, the 14th Amendment is apparently not enough. When entire battles are raging in this country and we have officials in office fighting AGAINST allowing rights going to people simply because of who they sleep with because "Jesus finds it icky" I'd say we need more in our Constitutions that says, "Yeah, homosexuals are included as "People" too."
Just because it's futuristic doesn't mean it's practical.
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