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Re: #FreeBabylon5 Campaign

Being available for purchase on streaming is not the same as being available on a streaming service like Netflix, hulu or Amazon Instant. It's essentially no different from DVD sales, while being available on a free streaming service or a paid streaming service is a bit more like TV or cable TV, respectively. Key word here was 'free', wasn't it? With the idea that people are able to watch Babylon 5 without having specifically paid for Babylon 5.

Snatcher42 also has a point about Sense8. Take one of Netflix's surprise original series hits from this year - no, not House of Cards, but Orange Is The New Black. One of Netflix's top recommendations for those who watch Orange Is The New Black is Weeds, another series created by Jenji Kohan (besides the Netflix series being explicitly billed as 'from the creator of Weeds'). A similar synergy would be pretty good for Babylon 5, especially if Sense8 is a hit (and so far original series are doing more than okay.)
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