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Re: What concluded series do you miss the most?

I don't miss Vanguard yet as I'm just on book 5 right now. Seekers is right around the corner. Hopefully I don't have a chance to miss it. I still have one more New Frontier book to go. I have tons of sce/Coe stories to read, and I still haven't finished all the MU and MyrU stories. Even saying all that, I'd still vote for KRAD's Gorkon books. I want more Klag and more trek stories in the current 24th century from the Klingon perspective. Having a typhon pact story or something from their end would be great. I'd love a "tales from the typhon pact" style anthology. one can only hope

..oh. And I still have a few stargazer books to go before I can miss it
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