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Re: It's that time again: Smartphone upgrade!

So my iPhone 4 finally bit the dust. After nearly two and a half years, the poor battery was giving out. It would only hold a charge for about six hours, and the constant charging was making it worse.
I did some research and came to the conclusion that the HTC One was the way to go, but when I got to the Verizon store I pussed out and played it safe with the iPhone 5. Big mistake...
It's extremely light, and feels cheap. The battery sucks. I could have it fully charged when I go to bed, and it's at 93% when I wake up, and through minimal usage throughout the day like listening to podcasts on my commute, checking my e-mail a couple of times per day and maybe a few words with friends, and it's down to 40% by the time I get home.
Worst of all, it's the most boring phone I've owned. There is no personality or anything interesting about it. I loved my iphone 4, but the 5 was just dull.
So after a week of not liking the 5, I took advantage of Verizon's 14 day return, gladly paid the $35 restocking fee and picked up the HTC One yesterday. So far I love it! It looks great, feels great, the battery is top notch, and while I have a lot to learn, it's a very fun phone to play around with. So glad I picked it up.
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