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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

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Sorry, I do not have the 1970's Star Trek Concordance any more, just the latest one. So please feel free to tell us about that little "tidbit" you noticed.

Star Trek Concordance (1976), Bjo Trimble wrote:

NCC-1701: the identifying number used for the starship Enterprise. Originally thought to be a memorial reference to the early twentieth-century Earth amphibious aircraft, the Navy Curtis Craft, it has recently been revealed that the numbering system for starships was the responsibility of two men: Matt Jefferies (See Jefferies Tube), a twentieth-century inventor responsible for the design of early starships, and the Constitution-type ship, including the Enterprise and Gene Roddenerry, an inventive television executive. They used "N" because it was a 1928 adoption by the United States as an identifying letter, "C" for "commercial," and the second "C" for esthetic balance--hence "NCC" as the call-letter identification for all Enterprise-class starships.
I thought it interesting that both Constitution and Enterprise are used here as the class type of our favorite starship in the same paragraph. What's THAT all about?

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