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Re: What Happens After Death

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Those who say there's nothing after death, aren't you a little bit puzzled by what happens to your perception of nothing? You suddenly cease to exist, how's that going to be? It's paradoxical. How can you experience non-existence? Or how can you not experience existence?

I think that paradox is the basis for any belief in a life after death.
You can't experience non-existance. That's the point.
Anyone who says it's inconceivable to not experience anything anymore should try to remember the time before he was born/conceived.
Pretty much the same thing.
Was it so horrible to not exist yet? How do the people cope with that?
But that's you right now experiencing not being able to remember something. You compare your current state with your past state. Constantly. And are aware of yourself.

Death is not comparable to that.
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