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Re: What Happens After Death

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If the definition of dying is being brain dead, then yes, all thoughts cease to exist.

So what makes us human? Is it our brain that makes us who we are? If all our memories, skills, and experiences were wiped out, would we stop being ourselves?

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Definitely. The evidence for this is overwhelming. The brain physically changes as a result of new experiences, thoughts, and learning in ways that we can observe and measure. But the even more overwhelming evidence is that damage to the brain can vastly change a person's memories, behaviors, and personality. While the exact nature of consciousness is not yet understood, all the evidence leads to one conclusion: The mind and the soul are the brain.

And isn't that a wonderful, beautiful thing? A few pounds of mushy, grey and white and pink that is the most complex organ we know of, with more neurons than there are stars in the galaxy; that is able, through chemistry and electricity, to observe, learn, communicate, create, and love. Brains are cool.

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