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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

Alter Ego

For a while there I thought this was going to be a play on Minuet, only this time as a bunny boiler. Though I guess having a sentient hologram like her or Moriaty would cause more problems on a ship that has this EMH on board.

While the episode itself was no great thing, lots of little aspects added up. The slice of life nature for half the show, and Tom's admission that everyone falls for a holo-character from time to time. The burgeoning romance of Tom and B'elanna, and apparently new Vulcan Vorik is a rival to those affections.

(I didn't mention him last episode, but I love how obvious it is that Vorik is going to be a character of importance in the near future. Suddenly a new named character turns up, and not only that but they actually spent time making him an alien)
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