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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

@ Albertese

Sorry, I do not have the 1970's Star Trek Concordance any more, just the latest one. So please feel free to tell us about that little "tidbit" you noticed.

Praetor wrote: View Post
I think the thing that Bob may not be making fully clear (and do feel free to correct me, pal) is his desire to distinguish original intent of the TOS production from what's been established by the sequel series and her spinoffs. I share his desire to understand these things as separate entities. I don't presume to speak for Bob, but as we've seen he prefers to honor the original intent over what was later established. He prefers the rough draft to the final print, to extend Albertese's earlier metaphor.
Essentially correct. But the "final print" is what the TOS producers had settled for TOS and its Enterprise which is most assuredly "Starship Class" and most likely "Enterprise Starship Class".

This is what applies for the context of 79 episodes and the "microcosm" of TOS, but then came 4 post-TOS episodes shortly relating to events in TOS which supposedly revised, altered and rewrote the original context.

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Personally, I would really like to use the Jefferies numbering scheme, but I'm convinced that it's invalidated as early as TWOK, when we see the Reliant, a ship with an almost completely different type of design, with a registry that starts with 18. According to Jefferies, this would mean she's the 18th cruiser design. The only way I think there would be an out is if the Reliant was NCL-1864, or something along those lines.
I'm unable to see the problem. First of all, the original classification was not "starship" but "cruiser" class and I think Matt Jefferies pre-production sketch reflects the original idea.
"Cruiser Class" then became "Starship Class", thus it's credible to assume that we are looking at design series of Federation starships.

Reliant is a Federation starship, obviously of the 18th design.
I do not understand why it should not be NCC-1864.

@ yenny

I think you're making the mistake of applying retroactive thinking.
The original classifications were "Starship Class", "Destroyer Class" and presumably "Scout Class" (ST III) with only alphabetic numbers (e.g. J-Class starship) to provide distinctions next to the obvious design series digits on the ship's exterior hulls.
For all we now "J-Class" could have stood for "Jefferson-Class" or something like that and Constitution Class may have read "C-Class".

But then it was a sub-classification from which we cannot derive that there had to have been a "USS Starship".

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