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Re: TCM Genre movies schedule...

The bit about the authorities taking over at the end goes way back-- I'm thinking about the biplanes in King Kong.

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Levity, nice.

Inept, maybe, but that guy who targeted the guy's shooting hand with the falling object had a hell of an aim.
The mind-controlled guy had amazingly bad luck.

There was more gravity levity when they got to the moon. "I told you the gravity was weaker here."

I wonder, going back to the microgravity on the ship, if they intended for the crew to be wearing magnetic shoes and that one guy just stood up too quickly. Of course, it would have worked better if they had said something, walked as if their feet were sticky, slowed the film a bit or something to indicate that. Maybe there was something in dialogue that was lost in translation. Of course, there's no explaining the one guy who threw the other guy over his shoulder.

Some of the special effects were pretty cool. I loved the hand-drawn ray beams and the moonscapes. There was a scene of some debris from the space station drifting by with a body in the middle of it that was really effective. And the alien ships with the inner glow were exotic and eerie. Modern special effects may be expensive and photorealistic, but they lack the artistry of hand-made stuff. Much of this movie looked like illustrations from Astounding or Amazing.

But, man, what awful writing. Talk about movies with a vast death toll that nobody thinks twice about. Many millions must have died around the world. Well, time for a vacation.
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