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If you were to create a 28th amendment.

I came across an interesting wiki that described the United States in the year 2075. It describe a America that has establish states in the union on other planets in our solar system, as well as states on worlds around other stars. The wiki has a large section describing the future government, part of which is future amendments to the constitution (about three-quarters down). The constitution in 2075 had 38 amendments

The United States currently has 27 ratified amendments in our constitution.

If you were to create a 28th (or more) amendment, what would it be?

Abolishing the electoral college, balanced budget, personhood, repeal an existing amendment, congressional term limits?

Maybe something more creative on your part?

I came across this a short time ago, and personally would like to see it as a amendment. "Should the Congress fail to pass a budget for the entire next fiscal year by the last day of the current fiscal year, the next year shall be funded at the exact dollar amount of the previous year's budget, and all programs and departments shall receive the exact dollar amount of funding as the previous year, and any unspent funds used to pay the debts."

If nothing else, it would prevent a government shutdown. And it would in no way prevent congress from pass a new budget for the next fiscal year.

The wiki's 31st amendment (in the year 2037) reads "In the event of a sudden removal or death of an Elected Official, a vacancy election must be held within 2 months of the vacancy." While the two months time limit might be too short for today, I do like the basic idea of this being a requirement, and could see it as a new amendment.

What are your ideas?


The (very interesting) wiki I mentioned ...

And, in case you're wondering what the current amendments are ...

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