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Re: What Happens After Death

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Faith is believing in the invisible and intangible.
Yeah, and since it is invisible and intangible, why would you believe in it. It is indistinguishable from being made up fantasy.

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Would you deprive a little child of a fantasy of Santa Claus?
Yes, wouldn't you? Eventually I hope! The question is, at what point does it become inappropriate for a child to believe in Santa? At age 5? Age 8? Age 12? Maybe never? Why rob the child of that illusion if it makes the child happy, gives it hope and a moral framework to live by with a clear reward structure if it is good?
So why not reinforce the believe way into adulthood?

You probably don't do that, because you know at some point the child will figure it out on it's own by simple reasoning and while you keep trying to reinforce the believe system you brand yourself a liar in the process and the child will come to resent you for it or start to pity you.

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I'm not really an expert on religion, nor do I pretend to be. If you're curious about one's religious beliefs, I would recommend having a conversation with a priest, an imam, or a rabbi. Sadly, I don't have all the answers.
Good thing, we have those on the board. J.?

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