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Re: What concluded series do you miss the most?

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I want more of Myriad Universes, for that alternate take.
Me too. That, and the Mirror Universe series. I didn't know they had been formally cancelled, I just figured that sales weren't strong enough that they had been discontinued.
I was pretty sure that Rise Like Lions was meant to be the end of the MU series. I guess there is a chance it could come back, but I don't find it likely.
As for MyrU, they seem to have stopped releasing trade collections like those, so unless they start doing full length novels, which I doubt, then I'm pretty sure we won't be seeing any more MyrU either.

And while I included SCE/CoE on my list, I've actually only read the first dozen or so books. I just think it is kind of sad that the series ended just before e-readers and e-books really started to pick up in popularity.
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