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Re: Most Attractive Female

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There is no debate here. B'elanna.

Sadly, to me, even that picture proves my point;

All that makeup ruins Dawnson's potential to be sexy for me =(.

She can't even pull off the emo girl well with that makeup.

Again, throw her in Charmed and she would have been in tight competition I bet. In Voyager, with the role she had ... It was all too forced.

After a fashion, 7 of 9 was all too forced too, but the one advantage is, you can point to any number of studies that would suggest a lot guys have abduction fantasies. Heck, the proof is in how many trek fan stories there are out there for 7 of 9 assimilating someone through sex compared to B'Ellena beating someone into submission; not that I've looked for these things, but sadly, unfiltered searches on Google for things like [Borg +"Seven of Nine""] bring up some scary things, lol.
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