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Re: TCM Genre movies schedule...

Christopher wrote: View Post
Battle in Outer Space was amusingly stupid.

But it was such a fun dumb movie. They get right on with the action, and it looked like the ring station set was curved--that looks to have beaten Kubrick to the punch. The ladder looked to go "up" one of the spokes, so that part of the film actually made sense. And I loved the saucers. I seem to remember some stills from one of the STARLOG SPACESHIPS photo-guidebooks. One craft in a photo looked to be just the front end of a B-52, but those all looked like X-15s in the movie.

Greg Cox wrote: View Post

Indeed. Fifties movies tend to have a much greater sense that, ultimately, these matters are best handled by the proper authorities.
I actually find that rather refreshing, here in the hate-government days with "soverign citizens" running around.

Now, wasn't there a written critique of E.T. that "the tribe" was supposed to handle things, no it being left to the kids?
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