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Re: Your Star Trek Online Screenshots! (Part 2)


In this photo we see the U.S.S. Maya Angelou (named after a famous 20th century African American author) Preforming a Hard Dock with the U.S.S. Kirk. (Named after the Legendary Starship Captain James T. Kirk). The Florescent Green Cloud in the picture is actually Bio-luminescent Bacteria venting into space through a breach in the U.S.S. Kirks cargo bay,The Bacteria is Glowing as it freezes and dies. The Kirk's mission was to deliver this bacteria to a Bajorian Colony to help with cleanup efforts going on there. (The bacteria was genetically engineered to break down dangerous chemicals in seawater.) The Ship was Attacked by Klingon Forces, and the security Chief Miral Paris was Kidnapped. The Maya Angelou was the first ship to respond to the distress call. Maya Angelou had to dock via the Saucer airlock as elevated radiation levels from the damage to the Kirks engines prevented Transporter use. With the help of the Maya Angelou crew, The Kirk was able to prevent a warp core breach.

Sorry for the Caption...I enjoy making up little stories to pictures. This was actually an old screen of my SCI charicter...I always kinda liked looks like the ships are really docked.
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