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Join the journey of the USS Intervision and her crew!

Are you ready to seek out the unknown? Having completed their first mission, the crew of the USS Intervision sets a course deeper into the vastness of space and ultimately beyond the Beta Quadrant boundries into unexplored space. However, unknown to Starfleet and the crew of the USS Intervision, a powerful enemy lurks in the blackness of space beyond charted Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Want to be the first to meet this new species that even the Iconians feared and had placed in stasis? Want to know what will happen when they awaken? The only way to find out is to join the adventure. Fill out the Crew Application on the Join Page at: The primary available positions are:

* Chief Engineer
* Chief Science Officer
* Chief Flight Control Officer
* Chief Counselor
* Chief Diplomatic Officer.

The USS Intervision focuses on character development and exploration missions as much as many other simms focus on just action missions. However, this does not mean the missions will be boring, but instead have plot twists at any given moment in order to challenge you as a writer! Apply today! I look forward to simming with you!

In our current mission, the Intervision has been dragged into an evil Mirror version of the current Federation. This Mirror Universe is not like the DS-9 Universe. In this universe, Starfleet is just as strong and evil as it was in the TOS Series. Join in this exciting mission as the Intervision and its crew fights to survive...from themselves.
Jennifer McTaggert
Commanding Officer
USS Intervision
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