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Re: How Star Trek fans sunk the Constitution on behalf of the Enterpri

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Whereas I think the frigate needs to be emulated more. I heard a proposal in the mid-90s to name the new CVN design "Constitution-class", with the class ship being USS Ironsides, and the next several named after the other 5 frigates. That, IMO, would've been seriously cool. Unfortunately, they decided to go back to presidents...
Interesting. Of course that would only have allowed for five total, as Constellation was already in service. The carrier Congress would probably have been the butt of some jokes...

As some will already know, the closest the name "Constitution" came to a new warship was as a WW1-era Lexington-class battle cruiser, which were to have been named for notable vessels of the early Continental/US Navy. Constitution was originally supposed to be the lead ship, but names and hulls were shuffled around and the class ended up as:
  • Lexington (CC-1, finished as CV-2)
  • Constellation (CC-2)
  • Saratoga (CC-3, finished as CV-3)
  • Ranger (CC-4)
  • Constitution (CC-5)
  • United States (CC-6)
To free the name for the battle cruiser, the historic frigate was renamed Old Constitution for a few years till the new ship was cancelled.
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