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Re: Anyone here play REAL RPGs face to face with paper and dice?

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I wouldn't mind starting a trekbbs RPG thread and GM it. The character sheets would be easy, set it as who ever wants to joins first post. The minimum daily situation post would move the story, but dice rolling would be difficult.
That would be a hoot! As for dice rolling, there are some good automatic dice rolling sites available. Some of the D&D PbP (play-by-post) games I've been involved in use them.
It'll be a trust system. No one can prove/disprove who rolled what (not that I don't trust anyone, in fact I'm too trusting at times). I thought about doing a diceless game but it's the dice that moves the story.
There are dice - but they're rolled on a different site, you can specify any number of any kind of die (ie. roll 3d6 or 2d20 or whatever). The dice get automatically rolled, and the results are emailed to the GM/DM and the roller. It's possible to set up any number of pre-rolls, so people aren't constantly having to do this. Unless there's a glitch in the software, there is no possibility of cheating.

Mind you, I have some very nice sets of real dice that I don't get to use very often anymore...
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